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Electrical Consulting

 RK Construction Management LLC, delivers on time,

on budget, quality industrial electrical services for

North Carolina and the surrounding areas

Industrial electrical services can include anything from installing an entire electrical system for a new construction project, to upgrades and retrofits, to repair and maintenance. When you need your industrial project completed right, on time, and on budget you need to call us at RK Construction Management LLC. Our team specializes in all aspects of electrical services for your industrial needs. There are unique aspects when it comes to industrial electrical services. Our licensed electricians bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every job. For example, we know how to deal with high voltage terminations, overhead lines, conduit banks, vaults and duct banks. 

We also strive to help you keep electrical failures, which unfortunately are a reality, to a minimum by offering a maintenance program. We view this as valuable insurance both for profits and safety. 
RK Construction Management LLC uses the latest in technology, state-of-the-art materials to ensure the finest results for you. We are so sure our services will more than exceed your satisfaction that we guarantee all our work. 

From the initial bidding through the final steps we are committed to delivering quality electrical services while complying with all safety codes and regulations.
In addition, our priority

at RK Construction Management LLC is to deliver only the best in customer service.

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